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Process Control Valves, SCADA & Automated Actuators

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  • Process Control Valves, SCADA & Automated Actuators

    Power Generation, LNG, Chemical, Water, Refinery & Transmission all rely on process control valves. In critical control points these valves have powered actuators interconnected, monitored and operated remotely via the SCADA system in a control room.

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    The ability to effectively control these valves in critical applications can mean a range of consequences from loss of production, regulatory fines, environmental catastrophe or even injury and death. The addition of powered actuators typically means the valves are routinely operated and are in good working order, however it also means additional infrastructure that could fail thus preventing their operation.

    Most of these powered valves will have the ability to be manually operated; although this may seem like a satisfactory redundancy, the reality is the additional constraints these powered actuators place on the valves mechanicals makes hand operation almost impossible.

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    Wachs Portable Valve Operators can adapt to virtually any type of hand wheel or operator nut, allowing users to over ride difficult powered actuators and stubborn valves, located in dangerous locations from a multitude of power sources. Intrinsically safe hydraulic and pneumatic versions, as well as electric versions all with the ability to safely control reaction torque; saving both the operator and the asset from another potential problem.

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    Available on all models is a data collection module which allows the capture of each valve's unique performance signature. So in addition to providing your team with a safe means operate valves in an emergency, the performance signatures over time allow conditional maintenance techniques instead of interval replacement; saving shareholders thousands with each valve.