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DW Guillotine Cutting In-Service Pipeline

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  • DW Guillotine Cutting In-Service Pipeline

    Watch the attached video of Wachs new DW Guillotine cutting in-service piping. Notice the minimal amount of excavation required to mount the tool and the high level of safety afforded the operator because the cutting media is guarded and it's motion is mechanically controlled. Also notice the tool doesn't get pinched because only cutting media is introduced to the cut (no backer bar or chop saw blade core) and as the pipe moves the wire just keep cutting.

    I can't imagine how operators stand next to/in the soup created and safely cut a pipe that has both the tool and the pipe uncontrolled?

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    The video below highlights how you don't have to sacrifice safety when cutting live water mains in confined spaces. Previously this city had relied on chop saws to perform this type of work, that was until a recent accident when an operator had his face seriously cut and prompted the a change in SOPs to a safer cutting technology.