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Do you have Control over your distribution?

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  • Do you have Control over your distribution?

    The average age of distribution systems varies from a few decades to over a century. It is estimated that more than 700 water main breaks every day throughout North America as a result of the unrelenting attack internally and externally from pressure and deterioration. In the short term nothing can be done to prevent the loss of containment within the distribution system, but something can be done about it's impact. Valves, or Control Points limit the damage caused by breaks and the they can be reconditioned and improved.

    Some valve exercisers are nothing more than powered wrenches, using brute force and leverage to power their way through tuberculation build up (sometimes causing more damage than they solve). Some have simple torque controls and require the user to know the optimum process of advancing and retreating of the gate to achieve effective rehabilitation. Only Wachs valve exercisers utilize advanced computer algorithms to determine the optimum cycle of sequences to safely and efficiently rehabilitate that asset.

    Wachs ERV-750 Product Link

    Wachs TM-7 Product Link